Freebie – Crochet Pattern Template PDF!

This is something I don't see on many crochet blogs or websites, so I thought that I would make a simple downloadable crochet pattern template! This is for use when you have created your own pattern and want to write it down before publishing it! I recently wrote down my fingerless gloves pattern on one… Continue reading Freebie – Crochet Pattern Template PDF!

Other Languages

Reading Crochet Patterns in… (#4) Czech

Hello lovely Hookers! Today I have another translation post for you from my series "Reading Crochet Patterns in..." Today  I decided to do the language Czech, since I have recently become obsessed with the language and anything Czech Republic! Unfortunately, there aren't a ton of crochet patterns out there in Czech, but they definitely do… Continue reading Reading Crochet Patterns in… (#4) Czech


Easy V-Stitch Baby Blanket Pattern

This post may contain affiliate links through or Hello my lovely followers! This Tuesday's project is very simple, soft, and adorable! This easy v-stitch baby blanket can be adjusted to be much bigger to fit older children, teens, adults... whoever! In honor of my nephew being due very soon, I wanted to whip… Continue reading Easy V-Stitch Baby Blanket Pattern

Other Languages

Reading Crochet Patterns in… (#3) German

Hey everyone! I am back with another post for my series "Reading Crochet Patterns in...". This series so far has been a lot of fun and very informative for me! I love learning new words in different languages, and to combine two of my hobbies is pretty exciting! Today's language is German. German is spoken… Continue reading Reading Crochet Patterns in… (#3) German